Extra Post: Fruit Picture

Mike Goldfein suggested I post this to the blog.  He thought that it was quite good.  It is my attempt at coloring the fruit that we did in class the other day.  While the colorized photo of the woman did not turn out exactly as a I hoped, the fruit picture is a little better, albeit not entirely complete.  In any event, here it is:



It is one of the few times in my life where something that I did, art related, that someone thought was good.  Anyways, enjoy.

About civil1863

My name is Richard Smith and I am a Graduate Student at George Mason University. An aspiring historian, I am currently working on my Master's with the hopes that upon graduation I will be able to being my pursuit of a PhD. My areas of concentration lie in American History and are: The Early Republic, Jacksonian and antebellum America, early to mid-nineteenth century politics, territorial expansion and their disputes, the relationship between slavery and the Federal Government, republican ideology and its relation to the American Civil War. I am an avid fan of the American Civil War and have completed internships at both Gettysburg National Military Park and Fredericksburg and Spotsylvainia National Military Park.

One response to “Extra Post: Fruit Picture”

  1. MB says :

    You did such a meticulous job, Rich; your fruit basket looks so real. Definitely better than your earlier attempt with the woman. Photoshop requires time and practice, but we’re all getting there –thankfully.

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